List of Works


SEVERAL FANFARES                                            2020                              6mins

for solo trumpet

LAMENT 2020                                                       2020                              c.16mins

for contrabass flute and piano

written for Carla Rees and John Tilbury

EIGHT SONGS FROM CAVAFY                           1968                              17mins

Mezzo-soprano Flute Oboe Bassoon

Violin Piano..

Jane Manning ,soprano & the Nash Ensemble. Conductor, Justin Connolly.

Purcell room, London. Birmingham University.

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IN MEMORIAM MARTIN LUTHER KING           1969                              4mins

Cello Oboe.

Jennifer Ward Clarke, Edwin Roxburgh, SPNM Weekend, London. Morley College Musica Viva Ensemble, at YAKAR (Centre for Jewish Studies ,London). University of York.

University of Auckland. Alison Jepson. Margaret Cooke.

DIRECTIONS FOR CLARINET IN A                    1970                             10mins

DIRECTIONS FOR CLARINET AND MIME        1970                              10mins Dartington Summer School

NINE LESSONS FROM ISAIAH                            1970                              25mins

String Quartet and Bass Voice

IMPROVISATION ON 6 NOTES                           1971                              15mins

Soprano Flute Guitar.

Jane Manning, Judith Pearce, Gilbert Biberian. SPNM Weekend, London.

SERENADE                                                                1971                              15mins

Piano Recorded Tape

IN MEMORIAM IGOR STRAVINSKY                  1971                              17mins

Wind Quintet Piano Percussion

Dartington Summer School, Cockpit Theatre, London. Conducted by Sir Harrison Birtwistle.

ROUND FOR 14 SOLO STRINGS                        1972                              12mins

8 Violins 3Violas 2Cellos 1Double Bass

SPNM Open Rehearsal. The Park Lane Players. Conducted by Edwin Roxburgh.

LAMENTATIONS FOR FOUR                               1973                              20mins

2 Cellos Percussion(2 players)

Marilyn Sansom, Sharon McKinley, cellos. Conductor, Myer Fredman. Purcell Room. Reading University.

COCYTUS                                                                 1973                              20mins


EXERCISE FOR TWO PIANOS                             1974                              10mins

Commissioned by “Dreamtiger”

Peter Hill Douglas Young. Purcell Room. Yehudi Menuhin School.

Royal Northern College of Music. BBC Broadcast.

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THE SLAUGHTERER                                               1975                              1hr 20mins

Chamber opera in 9 scenes.     Soprano Mezzo-soprano Contralto Tenor Baritone Bass

Clarinet Trumpet Trombone Viola/Fiddle Percussion.

TO VERONICA                                                         1976                              20mins

Solo Piano

2010, Parts 1 to 4 performed by John Tilbury at Shoreditch Church as part of the Christian Wolff weekend

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VOICES                                                                      1976                              20mins

Soprano Mezzo-soprano Counter-tenor Baritone (all doubling on Percussion).

Commissioned by John Eaton(Baritone and later Opera Director). Purcell Room.

Essex University.

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JEDER ENGEL IST SCHRECKLICH                     1976                              20mins

Soprano Baritone Clarinet/Bass clarinet Horn Tenor trombone/ Bass trombone 2 Violins Viola Cello Double Bass.

Commissioned by “Contrapuncti”. Stephen Varcoe Jane Manning.

Conducted by Michael Lankester. Queen Elizabeth Hall, London.

OCTET FOR TWO                                                   1977                              15mins

Cello Piano Recorded Tape

Commissioned by “Dreamtiger”, for Rohan de Saram and Shelagh Sutherland.

Featured in Composition Workshop at Sussex University.

Performed at the University of Auckland by Brian Sayer and Coral Bognuda. Tape realised by John Rimmer.

OMEGA SERENADE                                                1978                              15mins

4 Guitars (2 doubling on Requintos) Recorded Tape.

Commissioned by The Omega Guitar Quartet.

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THE WATERS OF SEPARATION                          1978                              20mins

Girls’ Choir

Commissioned by St Paul’s Girls’ School

DOUGANESCU                                                         1979                              12mins

Violin Piano

Commissioned by Alexander Balanescu and Douglas Young.

Vale Of Glamorgan Festival. BBC Broadcast.


PATHS WHERE THE MOURNERS TREAD         1980                              20mins

Flute/Alto flute/Piccolo Oboe/Cor Anglais Percussion Harp Violin Viola Cello Double Bass.

Commissioned by Lontano. Conducted by Odaline de la Martinez. Purcell Room.

BBC. Broadcast.

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EPITAPH FOR CATHY                                            1980                              30mins

Basset Clarinet (doubling on 3 gongs and 3 drums)

Robert Schuck. British Music Information Centre, London

SHHS IN PERPETUUM MOBILE                           1981                              10mins

2Flutes 2Violins 2Cellos Wood Block or Claves Piano.

Written for South Hampstead High School’s Centenary Celebration.

LITANY FOR STRINGS                                          1981                              20mins

Violins Violas Cellos.

Commissioned by the Yehudi Menuhin School .Conducted by Erika Fox.

Queen Elizabeth Hall, London. Leatherhead School. Cheltenham Festival. BBC Broadcast.

PAS DE DEUX                                                           1981                              20mins

Violin Double Bass.

Commissioned by “Lysis”. Hazel Smith Roger Dean. Purcell Room.

SPIRALS                                                                    1982                              12mins

Bassoon Double Bassoon.

Eric Hollis David Chatterton. British Music Information Centre, London. William Davis Bruce Gbur.   Northwestern University, Illinois USA.

MOVEMENT FOR STRING SEXTET                   1982                              8mins

2  Violns 2 Violas 2 Cellos

SHIR                                                                           1983                              20mins

Flute/Alto Flute/Piccolo Oboe/Cor Anglais Clarinet in A/E flat/Bass Clarinet Bassoon Horn Trumpet   Tenor/Bass Trombone Percussion Piano 2 Violins Viola Cello Double Bass

20th Century Ensemble. Royal College of Music, London. Conducted by Edwin Roxburgh.

“Lontano”. Conducted by Odaline de la Martinez. Brighton Festival.

BBC Broadcast. Featured on television’s Channel 4.

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KALEIDOSCOPE                                                     1983                              16mins

Flute Harp Vibraphone Cello

Wigmore Hall, London. Endymion Ensemble. Conducted by Howard Williams.

Purcell Room, London. Conducted by Erika Fox..

BBC Broadcast. “Lontano” .Conducted by Odaline de la Martinez.

University of Auckland, New Zealand. The Karlheinz Company.

Winner of the 1983 Finzi Award.

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QUASI UNA CADENZA                                           1983                              12mins

Clarinet in A/B flat/ Bass Clarinet Horn Piano

Commissioned by “Lontano”.   St. John’s, Smith Square, London.

Conducted by Odaline de la Martinez.     BBC Broadcast.     York university.

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NICK’S LAMENT                                                     1984                              20mins

Solo Guitar.

Commissioned by Charles Ramirez. Purcell Room, London. Royal College of Music, London. Trinity Arts Centre, Tunbridge Wells. BBC Broadcast.   Also performed by Ulrike Merk, Festival of Women Composers, Berlin.

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OSEN SHOMAAT                                                    1985                              25mins

Small Orchestra (36 Players).

Commissioned by the Grosvenor Chamber Group. Conducted by Keith Burstein.

St. James’s Church, Piccadilly.       BBC Invitation Concert, Broadcasting House, London. Broadcast by ECS , Conducted by Odaline de la Martinez.

SILVER HOMAGE                                                    1986                              20mins

Trumpet Piano Percussion Cello

Commissioned by Option Band. Mill House Festival, Aynho. Conducted by Erika Fox.

RIVKA’S FIDDLE                                                     1986                              17mins

Solo Viola.

Commissioned and performed by Rivka Golani.   Music Gallery, Toronto, Canada. Broadcasts: CBC BBC.

University of Auckland, performed by Mark Menzies.

DREAMING                                                               1987                              20mins

Alto Flute/ Piccolo / Guitar

Commissioned by Timothy Walker and Judith Hall.   British Council tour, Greece and Turkey. Lauderdale House, London.

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FRÜHLING IST WIEDERGEKOMMEN                1988                              6mins

Soprano (with wide range), Piano.

Jane Manning. Dominic Saunders. British Music Information Centre (BMIC), London.

Kym Amps. Nicholas Bosworth. BMIC.

Jannie Pranger. Gerard Bouwhuis. Festival of Women Composers, Amsterdam, Holland.

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ON VISITING STRAVINSKY’S GRAVE              1988                              10mins

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Solo Piano.

Dominic Saunders, BMIC. David Carhart, Purcell Room. BMIC. Trinity College of Music. King’s College. St. Giles within Cripplegate, Barbican.

Richard Casey. BMIC (in series of concerts to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Composers’ Guild of Great Britain )

Douglas Finch. Hinde Street Church, London. City University, London.

HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY                                      1989                              20mins

Flute/Alto Flute/ Oboe/ Cor Anglais/ Clarinet in A/E flat/ Bass Clarinet/ Trumpet/ Piano.

Commissioned by “Sounds Positive”. Conducted by David Sutton-Anderson. Purcell Room. Leighton House, London.

Exhibition Hall, Olympia,( Daily Express “Lifestyles 2000” exhibition).

Burgh House, Hampstead

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THE BET                                                                    1990                              1hr. 5mins.

Music Theatre work. (Text by Elaine Feinstein).   Narrator (with good singing ability, including falsetto) or separate male and female voice. Puppets. Flute/Alto Flute/ Piccolo/ Bass Flute. Piano/ Percussion (1 player)/ Double Bass.

Commissioned by the Feinstein Quartet. Conducted by Matthew Rowe. Directed and Designed by John Roberts. Narrated by Leonard Fenton.   Purcell Room.   Almeida Theatre. Huddersfield Festival.   Norwich Puppet Theatre.   Schools’ Tour.


LETTERS AND NOTES                                           1990                              20mins

Soprano (with strong lower register). Clarinet in A/ E flat/ Bass Clarinet. Viola. Cello.

Commissioned by “Gemini”.   Union Chapel, Almeida Festival, London.

Performed in Bratislava and broadcast on Czech radio.

THE DANCER HOTOKE                                         1991                              30mins

Chamber opera. Libretto by Ruth Fainlight.

Soprano. Mezzo -Soprano. Baritone (virtuoso part with very wide pitch range). Speaking(chanting) part. Puppet (to give performance of dance. Must be manipulated by highly trained and experienced puppeteer).   Oboe/Cor Anglais. Trumpet in C.

Tenor Trombone. Bass Trombone. Piano. Percussion(1 player).

Commissioned by “The Garden Venture”, under the auspices of The Royal Opera,

Covent Garden.   Riverside Studios, London. Directed by Clare West.

Designed by Henk Schut. Puppet designed and made by John Roberts.

Sarah Leonard, Soprano. Amanda McMurray, Mezzo- Soprano.

John Oakley- Tucker, Baritone. Puppeteer, Susan Beattie.

Endymion Ensemble. Conducted by Timothy Lole.

Nominated for an Olivier Award.


 MEDITATION ON SIBYLS                                    1991                              18mins

Contralto/ Clarinet in A/ E flat/ Bass Clarinet. Horn Bassoon. Violin. Viola. Cello.

Commissioned by Capricorn. Catherine Denley, Contralto.     Sonorities Festival, Belfast. Purcell Room, London. BBC Broadcast.

THE MOON OF MOSES 1992                               20mins

Cello solo.

Commissioned by Double Image. Emma Chamberlain, Cello.   Purcell Room, London.

Yakar, Centre for Jewish Studies, London.

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SIMON’S SKETCH 1992                                       2 mins

Piano solo

Performed by Antony Gray at Burgh House, Hampstead.

SINGENDER STEIGE                                             1994                              3mins

Soprano/ Flute.

Jane Manning, Soprano. Simon Desorgher, Flute. BMIC.

With Jane’s Minstrels, BBC Broadcast, on Robert Ziegler’s   programme, “Hear and Now”.

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TUNED SPHERES                                                   1995                              10mins

Clarinet in A/ E flat/ Bass Clarinet. Trumpet in B flat. Piano.

Commissioned by Sounds Positive for the Purcell Tercentenary.   St. John’s, Smith Square.

Burgh House, Hampstead.

DAVIDSBÜNDLER LIED                                        1997                              6mins

Flute/ Piano.

DAVIDSBÜNDLERLIEDER                                     1999                              12 mins

Flute/ Piano.

Performed by Carola Nielinger and David Carhart at Bath and Southampton Universities and at a concert given by ‘Double Image’ at the Hampstead Town Hall.

Antony Gray and Simon Desorgher, (Sounds Positive), Burgh House, Hampstead.

REMEMBERING THE TANGO                              1999                             3 mins

Flute/ Piano

Written for the New Zealand composer John Rimmer’s 60th Birthday and performed at the University of Auckland.

Sally Mays and Simon Desorgher, Burgh House, Hampstead.

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SONNET                                                                    2000                              7 mins

Mezzo Soprano/ Saxophone/ Piano.

Poem by Amelia Rosselli, translated by Emmanuela Tandello.

Performed as part of the Jewish Music Festival at Lauderdale House, London, by Rebbeka Wedell, Sarha Moore and Phil Alexander.

MALINCONIA MILITARE                                     2003                                15 mins

Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano

Commissioned for the Leamington Festival and performed by Chamber Domaine in May 2003 and at Bromsgrove in November 2004

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CAFÉ. WARSAW 1944                                            2005                             15 mins

Flute(s), Clarinet(s), violin, cello, piano, percussion (1 player)

Commissioned for the Bromsgrove Concerts and performed by the New Music Players

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Concerto for piano and large ensemble, “David singt vor Saul”,

Commissioned by Julian Jacobson and a work for contrabass flute and piano for John Tilbury and Carla Rees

Remembering the Tango

Extract from ‘Dreaming’ for alto flute and guitar