Premiere Portrait NMC CD Receives Rave Reviews

The first commercial recording of Erika Fox’s Music has been released to critical and popular acclaim in Summer 2018 on the NMC Label. With performances from Goldfield Ensemble conducted by Richard Baker and pianist Richard Uttley.

‘It is incredibly rare to stumble across a virtually unknown or forgotten composer whose music genuinely excites and delivers, piece after piece. Erika Fox’s language is bold, feisty, uncompromising and astonishingly fresh. A highly distinctive style has emerged from a childhood suffused with music of Eastern European origin. Hasidic music, liturgical chant embellished with heterophony mingle with modal ancient melodic lines reminiscent of Eastern European folk music. She is a composer who is constantly energised by sound and its inexhaustible possibilities.’ Kate Romano (Artistic Director of Goldfield Ensemble)

To find out more about the album head over to the Goldfield Ensemble Website.

The CD and digital downloads are available from NMC Recordings and all major streaming services.

‘A distinctive and assured musical voice…The Goldfield Ensemble plays assuredly throughout, giving these underserved works excellent documentation. Now it is up to the rest of the musical world to take up Fox’s compelling music and make it much more widely known.’  Christian Carey, Sequenza21

‘An outstanding album of hitherto unknown music by British composer Erika Fox played by Goldfield Ensemble. Fox’s music is really fascinating and different…this album is a gem’. Arts Music Lounge